Flagship 3140 builds new PR robot

Pictured from left are, Hayden Allen, Ward Manneschmidt, Marvin Joshi, Zaky Hussein and Nalin Varma of FHS’s Flagship 3140 Robotics Team stood by their current project, the Public Relations robot, at their Friday, Sept. 18, meeting. Flagship 3140 Robotics Team was working on a new robot during its meeting Friday, Sept. 18, after school at Farragut High School.

“Ok so the new robot

we’re making is our [Public Relations] robot,” senior Ward Manneshmidt said. “It’ll be a new t-shirt cannon to replace our old one. We needed a new one because our old one was old and sort of wearing out. It wasn’t the best.

So we’re trying to remake it, make it better [and] just a bit more showy sort of.”

Its new PR [public relations] robot is projected to show at Farragut’s homecoming football game, Oct. 2, against Campbell County and the robotics team

is hoping it gives a flashy and exciting feel as it takes the field.
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