letters to the editor

I think the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission (FMPC) and Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen (FBOMA) are so desperate to sink their flag into the ground for their cherished “town center”, they are incapable of a dispassionate view of the project, including it’s many negatives. To begin with, I think if you took an honest poll, you would find town center way down on a list of concerns/wish list of Farragut residents. I believe this is a typical professional city manager quest that appealed to FMPC and BOMA. If you could communicate to the residents of Farragut that their elected representatives are planning a town center of four buildings, each about 500 feet by 100 feet, four stories high, the first floor with shops and the rest apartments, on the corner of Campbell Station Road and Kingston Pike, you would be thought quite mad. You are lucky to get through the intersection on three cycles of the traffic light now. Imagine adding the residents of four large apartment houses. More traffic lights, which I have heard suggested, is not the answer, I believe I saw an aside comment by the developer that residents would be encouraged utilize the facilities within the complex as opposed to facilities outside the complex. Sounds like the developer/FMPC/BOMA limited vision group cannot draw back and see the big picture. If only our town leaders could see large apartment complexes ten years down the road. read more