Sir Goony’s gets a facelift

Lydia Cage, 14, takes a break from painting part of the castle, one of the structures that got a face lift at Sir Goony’s this past spring. For Sir Goony’s Family Fun Center co-owner Johnnie Stringfield remodeling work is never done.

“This past year, we have done a lot of things that needed to be done,” Stringfield said about his most recent and biggest remodeling project that started in March. “We’re constantly upgrading stuff. We still have more to do.”

The 7.98-acre family-run center at 10925 Kingston Pike, Farragut, has undergone a major remodeling of its concrete and rebar animals, putting surfaces and 12 holes, as well as adding all new water slides and Hilton Head hand-dipped ice cream on its menu. Still, Stringfield said he expects to look at making more changes in the fall.

“As soon as we get it all done, we start (remodeling) all over again,” he said. “Once we get to the end of the season, we’ll look at what we want to do in the spring.”
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business briefs

• Johnathan Sitzlar has been named director of the Facilities, Information and Reservation Management Division of U.S. Depart-ment of Ener-gy’s Oak Rid-ge’s assistant manager for administration office. Sitzlar will direct a staff of 24 federal employees in the FIRMD and be responsible for development and execution of a variety of programs, including reservation management, infrastructure and facility management.

• Wendy Schopp of the financial services firm, Ed-ward Jones, 12744 King-ston Pike, Farragut, has won the firm’s ex-clusive Spirit of Caring Aw-ard. The award is designed to recognize financial advisors who exemplify values, culture and spirit of giving.
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